The Breakaway Civilisation

The Breakaway Civilisation

(What does it mean?)


What are the components for civilisation?

  • Water
  • Fuel
  • Currency
  • Materials
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Law
  • Territory
  • Food
  • Cooperation
  • Tools
  • Language
  • Knowledge


Why the need for a Breakaway Civilisation and what are its components?

The Breakaway Civilisation emerges during an Existential Threat in which a small group of the existing population seeks to protect itself from the upcoming destruction. Its components consist of those listed above but also include;

  • Chronological Data
  • Secrecy
  • Technology
  • Resilience
  • Efficiency
  • Energy

As can be seen, the Breakaway Civilisation must develop technological proficiency to protect itself from an Existential Threat. With these components it shall be able to utilise its available resources more efficiently, develop new sources of energy or develop strength of arms to protect its resources. It may indeed do all three. However, it is simply not enough for the Breakaway Civilisation to solve its problems through technological supremacy. It must also prevent conditions from arising which would trigger an internal collapse – hence the need for Chronological Data and Resilience. The data shall provide the means to understand the relationship between debt, growth, energy, prosperity, population, pollution, liberty and serfdom. The purpose is to allow predictive data analysis the means of raising alarms to avert potential conflicts.


How is an Existential Threat recognised?

Life is a system of energy. An expansion in the available energy allows for an expansion in both the quantity and longevity of individuals. A contraction in the available energy results in a contraction in the quantity and longevity of individuals. Existential Threat recognition is the ability to determine the future energy requirements of civilisation based upon current trends and determine if future energy extraction and utilisation is capable of meeting this projected future demand. When the model sees an energy shortfall it recognises this as an Existential Threat. The same Existential Threat is recognised when a competing faction seeks to access the civilisation’s energy reserves.


Why bother? The Fundamental Purpose of the Breakaway Civilisation

The fundamental purpose of the Breakaway Civilisation is to maintain a state of liberty for the individual allowing them to sustain appropriate levels of health, application and leisure to support a high-level of self-esteem. The premise being that only those who care enough for their liberty would embark upon a journey to safeguard it.